Can I use pictures from a 'global sports event', such as from to our website by citing credits on a dedicated page?

For example, I see where they have listed all credits for using pictures. I think I need to seek permission from all the original owners of assets, before using these on my website? Is that right? Are there any standard policies for sports' events pictures?


I agree with my colleague. For the interest of clarification, the answer to your initial question (would you need to seek permission from the original (copyright owner).

I believe my colleague was answering "No," to your second question are there standard policies for sporting event pictures.

No, there are no universal rules. Depending on the sources there may be sites that allow you to license the material or have guidelines for your use. You would need to consult those sites for their policies.

But, the answer to your initial question would be "Yes." You would be advised to contact the copyright holder.

Without spending too much time looking at the site you linked "History of the World Cup" (and no time looking at the pictures being used). It may be that they a) got permission b) they feel that there use qualifies as a "fair use."

They do specify that theirs' is a non-commercial use (presumedly for educational purposes) HOWEVER the credits section does ask potential copyright holders to get in touch if they take issue with their use.

I am not saying that they are making "fair use" but it seems like they are doing what they can to indicate they are and to avoid claims of infringement. (Their attribution to the original photographer does not lend itself to any fair use right they might have -- but is probably done out of courtesy).

I would recommend you speak to an attorney to find out if there is an easy way to get permission or license the content you wish to use. If you are making a noncommercial use for educational or other purposes that MAY be afforded some Fair Use protections that would be something you would also want to discuss.

I hope this was helpful and added something to the original reply.

Answered 7 years ago

It would be better if you asked permission before doing so. The historyoftheworldcup site probably was able to get the right to display the image with credit by asking the original photographer. I would recommend you do the same. You can run into serious infringement issues not to mention the fees that may come with the infringement claim.

Answered 7 years ago

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