While I am working this project, how can I put this on a resume as project? -I am currently working with a group and we just have written up a business plan. I have started a brief market research campaign. -This is my first serious attempt at starting a business and never had any experience with developing a marketing plan before or business plan. So this is college without grades and paying tuition. -The accomplishments that pertain to me in this project: -Learned a lot about starting a business in general -I have fundamental understanding in starting a marketing campaign thanks to the internet - Developed more into a leader. - How to compare competitors and improve on what they are doing into what we are doing - I have found that I am awesome researcher and think very analytically. Overall: this is still in progress but still want to add this to the list to show creativity and being a self starter and I can stand up to any challenge. Trying to figure out what this can do for an employer. Suggestions? #thanks!:)

This is a good route to take and the same one I took after leaving undergrad. An MBA is for the birds, anyways ;)

First things first, take credit where credit is due! You're a founder now it sounds like, and you're working on your first MVP I'm guessing (hoping?) as well. At the very least, get together some sketches, etc... as well. You'll definitely want a prototype in order to feel "whole."

So, more importantly, just list this startup's name as a part of your career in your resume as you would when working for any other company. When asked, be completely truthful, and let your exuberance and fascination with being a self starter shine through. These few factors alone will signal to any future employer that you would be a valuable asset to have on their team, but you may find that you enjoy working for yourself a bit too much before then ;)

Have you setup a corporation or LLC yet? Or are you using a partnership (assuming this is all U.S. based)? Once you have your business' infrastructure in place, things will definitely feel more official as well. Also, be sure to incorporate NOW rather than later to avoid any major legal headaches.

Feel free to message me any time if you'd like to chat further.


Answered 7 years ago

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