This question tops the list of the questions that any Brand Strategist gets to answer. :)

There's NO magic formula or magic potion to it.

If your blog has the following 4 ingredients in it, it's bound to get popular:

1. A hungry audience. (Sometimes the hunger needs to be created.)

2. Helpful content extracted from your experiences. Readers relate to small business owners' blogs more than they relate to some billionaire's biography. So feel confident and produce really helpful content.

3. SEO. You do not have to be a SEO expert to be able to do it right. Google and other search engines are pretty smart. Read about it and use self help tools at WordPress or other CMS's before you go out to an SEO expert.

4. Email marketing. Cultivate emails on your blog and connect with your readers personally. Emails remind people of your blog and they keep coming back, provided your content is good.

Have more ideas? Please comment or message. Always happy to learn. :)

All the best!

Answered 6 years ago

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