I've been always attracted to technology but I'm feeling that my life feels so miserable that I'm taking two heavy drugs (one to sleep and one anti-depressant) I worked as a graphic designer, marketing coordinator and now project coordinator. I'm feeling miserable because my job it's all about tracking projects, documents and doing math reports (project coordinator). I like having ideas, being creative, and thinking about the future, digging a subject to understand the why of things, solving problems and helping people. I have an idea for product a week (I'm ADHD) when I'm feeling relaxed. I'm driven by solving an issue and learning everything I can to solve that issue, almost like a doctor does, rather than doing something mechanical and structured. The only job that I've done that felt a little inspiring was when I was graphic designer for 2 years at a software company and was promoted to specialist to manage a new designer (not in a sense of giving him stuff to do but we worked together to recreate all the branding and website of the company). The owner who used to be a micromanager also trusted me more and left me alone to do things. I also felt happy when he was improving his skills and everybody was going above and beyond. But I've always wanted to do something larger so I moved to a larger company hoping that I could create the app that would save them - wrong choice, I focused on "building a resume with a good brand and career". Being a high achiever in that company was not doing what was right for the customers but what your director wanted. Everybody says that I should be an entrepreneur or working with something creative but I'm not a guy who is driven by business, money networking and growing a business, I'm not shy (I love listening to people) but I really like to spend a lot of time thinking on how to solve an issue, however I do have some hard time finishing projectss (I try to control myself and cut the number of projects). I tried the "strategist" career path in agencies but after talking to people I realized that it was a lot of bullshit. I still believe in building web products that work, which benefits society and people and are real. I'm mission driven and I need to believe in what I do, I worked for a not for profit and when I realized that I was just making money to maintain the our salary because we were not solving any issue I lost all the motivation, (I've tried starting some projects to solve some core problems with the organization but they refused because of hierarchy, even though the people on the bottom liked the idea). I just realized that passions are bullshit too, you should do what your personality fits you and do what you are, like for ex. my wife loves food but she would never succeed being a chef, she is good with people and writing and she is happy doing PR for corporations. I only have one question, does anybody relate to my personality or have seen someone like this in the tech industry? Some people suggested me to be an interaction designer or UX/HCI researcher, but I just wanted to get an opinion.

Yes, yes, and a little more yes.
I can relate to you but in a different field. I am a psychotherapist and wilderness guide.
I can recommend an approach: whatever you do, don't be a spaz about it. I think you know what I mean by spaz, I certainly do because I've been accused of being one many times in my life.
Pick a project that you think has merit. Talk to mentors, advisers, friends, and get their feedback. Listen to what they have to say. You don't have to follow all of their advice but allow yourself to really consider it.
Then pursue it.
Remember an enormously important thing: when you're hiking on a mountain never look up. The horizon is constantly receding and you'll get discouraged. Focus on putting one foot in front of the other and celebrate your small successes.

Answered 6 years ago

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