I love this question for it is a concern for many small businesses that are social media shy.

The answers provided already are great and some of them I am going use. I think we all agree that social media and internet marketing is where things are going. You are limiting your profitability by not using this very powerful medium. I would suggest that you consider including paying someone to do that for you as an advertising/marketing budget item.

Now back to the question at hand. Tradeshows and exhibiting at major conferences or events that attract your target customers is GREAT for face to face selling.

Another way is blogging. Information is king. If you have information that would be of interest to your target customer, a blog allows you to share it and drive them to your website. There are article repositories all over the internet, such as, that are quite effective.

The blog should give just enough information to appeal to your prospective customer but leave them wanting more. It can also tell them of upcoming events where you'll be. You see, one hand washes the other.

Another medium of sharing information is holding weekly conference calls or inviting prospective clients to an event about a topic you know is of major interest. From there, you can book individual meetings with prospective clients. This might work well for local clients. If travel is involved, some prospective clients might opt for a webcast or Skype for the initial screening. From there, they determine whether travel is warranted.

I hope that I am both answering your question while, at the same time, encouraging you to become comfortable with social media, even if that comfort is hiring someone to make sure you have a social media presence.

Answered 6 years ago

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