Of course we don't know what your business is, but I suggest it's fine to go "old school" and work your face-to-face mojo. As the author of "Turn Your Business Card Into Business" I am all about finding people to interact with personally. This is the ideal way to grow a local business. It's how I grow my video business.

There are too many ideas to share them all here but basically you want to begin by looking at your current network. Then start getting in contact with everyone and let them know what you are doing. Create opportunities for people to introduce you to others. Have breakfast and/or lunch everyday with someone who is either a current, past or prospective client. Do not miss a holiday party in the next few months. Attend networking events. Don't act desperate, just be professional, share information and be sure the people you know understand you are really trying to grow your business and would appreciate a referral. Then meet those new people and do the same. Use the phone to call people you cannot meet with.

Make a plan to talk with 10 or 15 people per day if possible. Make another goal to meet one new person every day, tell them what you do and give them a business card. It may seem daunting but one you get started you will see it begin to snowball as you have more follow-ups and more contacts. The truth is these people usually respond quicker and are better clients over time because they have met you personally and will want to help you. Don't assume people know what you have to offer. Talk to everyone and remind them about your product or service.

I do this periodically myself and recently contacted about 50 people who I interact with on the web or see periodically and I got 5 new projects being discussed. Each of them said, "I've been meaning to call you" or "I'm glad you called I have an idea I want to talk about." This is how it works. Keep reaching out. Oh and be sure you do it with a business card in your hand to have as a reminder ,-)

Answered 6 years ago

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