I'm a Ruby / Javascript developer and I've built and sold a moderately successful SaaS. Last time, I started by building a product and then looked for the market. This time, I'd like to validate demand and then build the product. Preferably something outside the education market. Ready for the next move.

A great place to start is by looking in the mirror. When you do, what do you see? (answer should be your first customer)

Build something that you feel passionate about! But where does that stem from..?

Well, ask yourself, what do you find yourself spending the majority of your day thinking about? Once you've answered that... now ask yourself how you could make it better or where do you find it currently lacking...

For us, we spend that vast majority of our day working with companies that we have a stake in. Naturally, each time we decided to develop a new product ourselves, we began to then focus our time developing tools that would make us more successful when working with our portfolio.

If you invest your time building something you find value in, then you will immediately receive a return on investment. From there, all you'd need to do is share you vision (or MVP) with extreme clarity to others... collect their feedback... and then tweak from there.

By crafting a well designed survey experience, youll not only collect actionable product information, but also develop a phenomenal qualified lead list of your initial paying customers!

Message me if you'd like to explore the process in more detail, Id be more than happy to walk through an exploration of answers.

Answered 6 years ago

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