- how to sort out immigration? Recommendations for a good immigration lawyer

Hello, you have many options as a Canadian entrepreneur moving to the US. If you are the major investor in your own company and own at least 50% of the company, you are eligible for an E-2 visa. If you already own a Canadian company and are opening a branch or subsidiary in the US you are eligible for an L-1 visa. If you are currently in the US as a student you may consider an H-1B visa. Regardless, of what option you choose you cannot just move to the US and start working. That said, you can make short trips to the US to set up your company without a visa, such as setting up bank accounts, signing legal documents, and agreeing to a lease.

Each of these visa options has its own timeline and various strengths and weaknesses. I am an immigration attorney in the US. I would be happy to discuss your options further with you on a call.

Answered 7 years ago

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