How would you exit this $2m+* online store?

What: Men's fashion online store Started: Mid 2014 Run rate: $1.2m to date Email database of approx ~100,000 males aged 18-45 Market: Markets and ships globally FB Fans: ~70,000 Product: not unique to us There are 2 specific questions: 1. How would you value the site? - what metrics would you use (I know there's conjecture about database value as well as earnings, normalisations, etc) 2. How would you find your buyer?


Transaction value will be pegged to a combination of Seller Discretionary Earnings and Active Customers adjusted up or down according to Average Cart Value and Purchase Frequency.

Buyer will either be financial, focusing on SDE, or strategic focusing more on the ACV and PF.

Find a buyer by building a target list of competitors and adjacent's that will pay a premium for market access or customer list + attach rate of bundling your product offerings with their current product lines. Run a tight sale auction process soliciting purchase offers.

Answered 6 years ago

You could sell your website on or they have the fill in metrics you need to provide. I have bought and sold a couple of sites on flippa and it actually works.

Answered 6 years ago

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