I have a blog of puzzles. Could you please suggest different ways of making money from that blog?

There are 3 ways you could generate revenue from your site:

1. Adsense or ads from a network. You can also sell ads directly but ir also means you need to have a sales team or figure a way to attract customers. Unless your site generates north of 5m uniques it will be hard to make a real profit. Easy math for every $1M uniques you can make about $1000/mo maybe more as high 5x but its a good starting point

2. Affiliate links. Pick a network like amazon or rakuten and post your ads/links on site. Margins are low and conversions are hard to get so volume is fundamental here to generate max revenue

3. Direct sales or upsell, use the "organic" traffic from your site to upsell a "pro" version or merchandise related to your product. If you are not expert in econmerce and want to sell digital goods is a good choice. If you are selling a physical item listing your product in amazon will be the best choice

Answered 7 years ago

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