I am planning to launch a website which would sell database of varied sectors and geographies. This would include general company contact information along with C-level executive contact information like direct nos, emails, etc? I understand that this may have value for lead generation, surveys, screenings, etc. Do you guys think that this database has demand in the market? If yes, how do I market the products?

Yes, there is demand. Depending on the quality and quantity of data as well as the price point, I and many of my colleagues would be potential customers.

Most of the people I see attempting to monetize a large database (whether of contact info, historical records, or dictionaries) start by putting up a website that offers a limited amount of queries for free.

Depending on the type of data, they'll either monetize the site with ads or else offer upsells for visitors who require more information. Some sites obscure part of the data. Some impose a query limit. They sell subscriptions rather than comprehensive downloads.

If I were you, I'd build a site and set up a tiered membership service rather than knocking on doors selling the database in its entirety. That way you maintain control, generate recurring revenue, and build a larger non-paying audience that will perform word-of-mouth marketing for free.

Answered 7 years ago

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