We are launching a new podcast called Shatter The Matrix, early next month. This has been in the planning stages since October, and has made quantum leaps in refinement since its inception. The single most helpful piece of advice we've really taken to heart is to get absolutely clear on who our avatar is.

Create a whole persona around your ideal user. Really get into their head; figure out who they are, where they are in life, what they want, and give it to them. Even give them a name, just as if you're writing a short story. Get that specific. Know them inside and out.

So often, we think we know what people want. Unless we know exactly who we are targeting, and are thinking like them, this can be a dangerous assumption – as tremendous amounts of time and resources can be put into a project that doesn't yet have a clearly defined end user.

Take the time to get 100% clear on your avatar, and I assure you it will pay off a thousandfold.

Best to you in your launch.

Aloha, aaron-jason

Answered 6 years ago

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