We are going on kickstarter soon with a product that is targeting mainly the professional photographers. I know that PR companies can put you on the news... but for my application not sure if they can target the audience I am going after through photography blogs etc. What's the best way of bringing traffic to a targeted audience campaign such this?

I own a PR company so of course I am biased. Unless you have a monster network of your own, you have to find people that are interested. If you have a great social media network, or know how to find this target market via your own tools that's great. If not, consider hiring a firm that does.

We are currently working with a crowdsourcing campaign, and we kicked it off with one of our proprietary news blasts a week ago. This not just a press release but an entire campaign. Even with all of the power of these tools, massive social media engagement and a very smart client we are at 39% of our "raise" with 46 days left. We have over 150,000 views of this announcement and we have driven over a thousand sessions to our landing page since January 22 2015. We have not even begun our organic media efforts. If you can generate this kind of response with your own it. If not, find someone to help.

Answered 6 years ago

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