We are going on kickstarter soon with a product that is targeting mainly the professional photographers. I know that PR companies can put you on the news... but for my application not sure if they can target the audience I am going after through photography blogs etc. What's the best way of bringing traffic to a targeted audience campaign such this?

DON'T hire a PR company. Instead...

Listen to the 30-minute "Ask Altucher" Episode #170 [link below] where we talked to Clay Hebert.

Why? Because Clay has helped 70 entrepreneurs get over 15 million dollars through croudfunding. He knows how to do it right

And he literally gave away ALL THE SECRETS to making your croudfunding camping a success... in half an hour

For example...

I had no idea that the total amount you need to ask for MUST BE SMALL, because hat way you can create a story if you "over-fund it quickly" ----

Imagine the headline:

"Croudfunding Campaign asks for 10K and gets 100K in 8 hours!"

Can you see the possibilities?

And it is YOU that can feed that story to media hungry places (Medium, Thought Catalog, Huffpo, CNBC, etc.etc...)

Another thing I did not know, is...

Give away the BEST prizes for the cheapest donations, the one to five dollar level. Give a lot to those... listen to Clay to hear why

And on and on...

Listen to Episode 170 for all of it:

Answered 6 years ago

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