Hi, I'm in the process of upgrading and integrating into a new email marketing platform. I'm looking to get the following out of my email marketing campaigns. - drip (autoresponder) campaigns - event based email campaigns - targeted segmented email campaigns I feel like email marketing platforms like GetResponse/Aweber with their batch and blast mentality are on the decline. This is why I'm thinking of integrating with a marketing automation platform like to get more targeted email campaigns sent to the right leads in my database. Has anyone made the transition into using a service like to manage all you email marketing campaigns instead of a traditional email marketing platform like GetResponse/Aweber? Thank you!

You have the right idea in opting to navigate towards a platform that is event-based rather than sequence-based.

Email marketing has become an effective channel for reaching new customers because of the fact that the right messages are being delivered at the right times.

The key though is to make sure the integration triggers emails on the right events. The right events are not necessarily obvious ones such as purchases.

I can help you to define your content strategy for email marketing further with a call.

Answered 5 years ago

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