So I am planning on buying shares of an early startup which is doing an internal round funding and I got the opportunity to invest. This is my first time investing and would want to know what are things to consider and what I should ask the startup for before I hand in a cheque.

Ask yourself:
-Do you believe in their vision?
-Would you leave everything you have to work with them to make their dream come true?
-Do you have strong data that tell you that what they say will happen it's true?
-Do you think the founders are the best to accomplish what they are going for?
-Is it everyone in their team in love with what they are doing?

It's important to take in consideration the legal/boring part of investing, but it's not the most important. As betting on horses, there will be only one that wil win (in their space).
Are you beating for the right one? Ask yourself that. And stand along your decision

Answered 7 years ago

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