How can I block inappropriate messages in a social media app?

Hello. My company is developing a social media app. We are getting traction and one of the new issues we are facing is some people send the communities some bad messages or inappropriate requests. What is the best practice to avoid that? I cannot have a moderator manually accepting/rejecting the posts, this is not scalable. I am not aware of existing tools to automatically do that. Thanks


Well if you built the app then I would suggest add a means to allow the community to flag inappropriate messages, then start banning the responsible users.

Answered 9 years ago

How about a report button letting your users decide?

Answered 9 years ago

It depends on what you mean by inappropriate messages, do you mean swearing or messages that could offend. If you are just talking about profanity (swearing), you could put together a list and replace the words or even use an API such as

Answered 9 years ago

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