Should I invest 100,000 + in new business to make it look good and be professionally acceptable, or should I invest the minimum just to test the market but then I may get hit by bad reviews for my service. The Service I intend to offer is laser hair removal

Test the market for sure. I've been at companies that went all in, pivoted several times and kept releasing new products -- none of them got any traction at all. They then said products 1 and 2 were to test the market and prove it so that product 3 would succeed. I think this is one of the stages of grief right? Bargaining?

I don't know anything about laser hair removal, but I'm going to assume you can find some people to survey or provide samples? of some sort? Consultation in exchange for opinions? Either way, if you have the ability to test and research something - do it. Could save you a lot of headaches no matter what you're getting into.

Answered 6 years ago

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