My background is web development I know I can assemble a solution (i.e. WordPress / Gravity Forms / Stripe, etc) yet I want to go for simplicity / practicality and, ideally, point the organizers to a solution that offers additional value (time tracking integration, perhaps, etc). I'm considering EventBrite as a baseline.

Hey there,

we recently wrote the second edition of the Good Event Registration guide. The report helps you compare hundreds of registration providers and it's free to download

Choosing a registration platform is a vey delicate decision. There are a lot of considerations to be made that can make or break your event.

Many platforms also offer discounts and free options for not for profit events.

If you are looking for a WordPress solution, you can look into that offers integration with WooCommerce or Gravity Forms.

When it gets to event registration there is no one size fits all solution. It depends on your event type, numbers, ticket price.

Get in touch if you have any questions.

Answered 4 years ago

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