I have a website where I give away the driving route (hard to get around area and local knowledge helps), should I focus on getting sales through the website or simply using it to generate leads. Thank you for your time

Sounds awesome, to be quite honest. I'd love to know where you are based. Local knowledge is your super power and as such should be leveraged to the hilt!

When you dream about how your business looks like in a year from now, or even months from now, what do you see yourself doing? Who do you have working with you, or for you?

Are you still close to home, or are there local chapters of your business all over the country, or world, for that matter?

Tell me about your dream, no matter how small, or big, and we can reverse engineer it. Small steps first of course, but consistently and 'on the side; if need be,

In general, a website is good, with your local knowledge, yes. I think we can do more on your site, from videos and testimonials to posting on other site and forums. Writing for the local press as well as guest posting on travel blogs.

The list is endless and if you'd like, we can connect on the phone and make a plan. Write to me with more information, including the site address so I can brainstorm ahead of a conversation. Exciting times ahead, for sure.

Answered 5 years ago

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