People keep telling me that a trait of entrepreneurs is focus. But what if an entrepreneur can create and realize 2 or 3 ideas at the same time? Why wait to finish/fail 1 and then start the other?

If this is your first venture, I would definitely say just pick 1. Getting even one idea off the ground will take everything you have! IF you can pull of one first, you will be able to do more down the road for sure.

In the last 45 day, I've gone from $0-$12k revenue (most of it recurring monthly) offering digital marketing consulting. It took me a few months of crazy focus on getting traction, but now that I've starting bringing in revenue, I can think a bit more about if there are some other things I'd like to weave in.

Get after it, my friend! Shoot me a message if you need some help.

Answered 6 years ago

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