My first thought was to ask what your product or service was so that I could provide a useful answer, but for now we can stick to the basics and then go deeper a little later.

A big part of my 10 plus years of experience has involved launching new products and services to existing businesses so I hope some of this advice is helpful. A big theme has been the speed of launch, learning and understanding our customers, and pivoting as and where required.

First up, and before asking your questions, take the position of not being completely in love with your offering, as this could hamper your ability to get the most out of your research with your early adopters.

We're very creative in justifying something we're completely attached to even in the face of customers pleading with us that we're wrong. Just be aware of this tendency, as it will save you tons of time.

'Why?' is a good starting point, and is also a really important follow up question. Why do you feel that way? This will lead us to all kinds of places, some of which you may never thought about. The more we learn the better off we'll be in deciding what to do next.

- Why are you using this?
- What problem does it solve? I'll help you rephrase all important question that so that its even more human, and thereby easier to answer.
- If this product or service stopped existing, what would you do?
- What could be better, etc?

Let's try thinking about the fundamentals of your offering rather than the details for now, given that I think this is the first time you're connecting with your 7 odd early adopters?

We're thinking about moving very quickly on the feedback we receive and being flexible enough and open enough to drop big parts of our offering if necessary, because what they want is more important to us that what we'd like our offering to be.

If you want to go a lot deeper in to this feel free to connect. I'd love to hear about it, and help you further.

Answered 5 years ago

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