We launched our MVP this year, gotten around 200 users in 4 months. We average around 10 sign ups a week without any paid marketing. Our struggle right now is getting more users in and turning them into paid, before we our runway is up, which is really soon. We are in a really competitive industry, with lots of noise so getting the message out has been a challenge.

That's a great question and there is a lot of startups asking it. Including me. I've been asked it a few times as well. I tried to tell the people what to do at first, but soon realized that they are the ones who know their product and industry better than anyone else, so I could only ask the right question to help them decide. So here you go.

1. Have you got any plan that you can compare those metrics to, to understand whether the growth is faster or slower than you planned?
2. If you preserve, have you prepared some tests that help you validate your assumptions? For example, we wanted to give it a last try so we launched a PPC campaign. That helped us speed up the decision, because more clicks on our website helped us see the trend. (also, don't forget to set some expectations first)
3. Have you validated your pivot options before you really do the pivot? You can do the validation through customer interviews or landing page, pretty quickly.

I think that you need to answer those questions first before going into more detail. Do a few build-measure-learn loops and you will get much more insights to help you decide whether to pivot or to preserve. This is one of the most difficult decisions that you are going through. Fingers crossed.

Answered 6 years ago

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