We have a B2B SAAS product. Customers love our product, but don't buy from us. (We don't come across as unlikeable people either). Our competitor has hundreds of customers, we just started few months back. How can we sell to big companies? How do we come across as credible? We are perhaps being perceived as two guys in a garage.

I've growth hacked my way to creating multiple well-branded businesses that have credibility before our first sale was even made. I call it "social proof" and I can help you achieve that so you can confidently approach large customers without looking like the small guy. I'll give you actionable items to execute that will put you into the position to sell, so no one thinks you're working in a garage.

If our call is not effective, I'll refund your money. I'm harder on myself than you'll be. I will also coach you via email as much as you need - I love helping entrepreneurs.

Answered 5 years ago

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