We have a B2B SAAS product. Customers love our product, but don't buy from us. (We don't come across as unlikeable people either). Our competitor has hundreds of customers, we just started few months back. How can we sell to big companies? How do we come across as credible? We are perhaps being perceived as two guys in a garage.

Don't worry about it if you are 2 guys in a garage companies want solutions not someone in an over priced office.

What is unique about what you will do for your customers that the competitors wouldn't or better yet can"t?

Who can you team up with that would put you above your competition? Don't worry if they will take 1/2 your income they will produce, pay them, 1/2 of something is better than all of nothing.

Call and let's brain storm this and see what can get you off the ground to some profits, maybe it's me that could do the job, thanks....Ken Queen

Answered 5 years ago

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