Need help to understand how far APIs can take it us & what the user experience will actually look like?

Hi everyone, we are a rapidly growing startup in the Content Marketing space. We are using a number of tools to ensure we can do everything our clients need in this space i.e. - Content Management - - Content Measurement - But would like to pull this all together in one simple tool/project management system (built seperately) with a single login. As such looking for advice as to whether the above is possible with APIs? To understand how integrated we can make all these tools look/feel? And to get an idea as to how hard it will be to make this happen? Thanks in advance!


While you are considering bringing all the Content Marketing & Measurement features and capabilities together with Project Managment ( I am
assuming some type of cohesive management Dashboard with combined analytics ?), you might want to consider the following:

- the integrated product should not make it a challenging user experience overall
- is this something the customer/client needs, do you have relevant feedback to validate such a move ?
- what might be the benefits to the platform & users by such a change

It is hard to comment regarding APIs without more context on your goals. I have leveraged publicly available connectors & API modules to connect CRM, marketing automation and payment functions successfully.

Happy to discuss further over a call and address your questions

Answered 9 years ago

Short answer is, yes, I believe you could do this with any of a number off-the-shelf SaaS offerings. A lot of it depends on what you are trying to accomplish to determine if that suits the requirement. Some companies build entire ecosystems (and ancillary affiliate/referral revenues) from building other tools into their supported "stack." I've also seen companies invest in doing their own "home grown" PM systems for this type of vertical integration such that they control the entire system end to end.

I'd be happy to run a pros/cons with you if that's of assistance.

Answered 9 years ago

Building generic APIs is easy with the new WP API. (WordPress). I recently wrote an article on the impacts that the introduction of so many new APIs will mean for mobile and other technologies:

Feel free to connect with me directly anytime to discuss API specifics.


Answered 9 years ago

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