Entrepreneurs and Marketers, I want to make landing page specifically to target mobile device users. Is there any tool which can assist me in creating and analysis of landing pages specialize for mobile device use?

Here is your 1-2-3 Punch answer

1. Use unbounce to make the page and select the best template for you from their template library here

2. Once setup make sure the leads are going into some sort of CRM system so you can make the most of them personally I prefer Salesforce.

3. Track what's happening on the page with Google Tag Manager + Google Analytics + Crazy Egg (or Session cam)
Google analytics will tell you the data about the technology used, browsers sizes, time on page and crazy egg will give you heatmaps of what people did on that page.

Based on that information tweak your landing page until it gets to a point that it's converting at around 1:5 (the $1 you spend on marketing should be making $5 in sales). My personal ratio is 1:10 but I know way more about split testing then can be explained to you in a simple reply.

4. I Know is said 1-2-3
Look at google analytics data is the bounce rate high? make the page faster split test different Call to actions. Don't stop testing till you hit your preset benchmark.


Answered 9 years ago

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