We are starting to see significant interest from hospitals in doing clinical research studies with our behavior change remote monitoring software. We'd like close these small research pilots to continue self funding before an angel raise. Best tips to close interested enterprise prospects remotely without travel? It is a pure software product, with detailed plan to implement among patient populations?

I worked in Intel's Digital Health Group for a few years and my experience was that anything involving hospitals will be slower and take longer than you think. I can't possibly imagine a customer facing trial happening without a face to face meeting and some training. Lots of people can say no - the CFO, the CEO, the CMO, CIO, the head of nursing - and none can completely say yes. Granted, this market has changed a lot in the years since I left it, and it is getting more nimble, but be prepared for a drawn out process. And I'd budget for some plane tickets.

Answered 5 years ago

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