If you don't read any further, two main things to keep in mind:

- Develop a process to make the ask (manual or automated)
- Make it easy for someone to refer.

It depends on how many clients you have and if you are consumer facing or enterprise. Statistics show the best time to get referrals is within one month after someone purchases your product. If you have a lot of purchase points you may need to automate it via a SaaS product (lots out there).

For B2B, I would highly suggest making this personal. Especially if you're solving a severe pain point, I would ask right after on-boarding 3 things: 1)Why did you purchase our product, 2) Anything you'd like to see, 3) Do you know anyone who can use our product?

For startups this can be especially useful as it helps your marketing strategy/positioning, development and sales.

This all of course assumes you have a good product/service that your customers are happy to share.

Answered 6 years ago

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