Which cloud service provider do you think I can opt for? I know Saleforce but I do not know if that is too expense for the company. There is also SAP, Oracle and Zendesk. Am a bit confiused!


I can help out with advice on the technical aspects. Not sure what low-mid budget means for you, but I can tell right off the bat that something like SAP or Salesforce will be overkill.

At the base of your tech stack will be the eCommerce platform - i.e. the website - and your back-office - OMS/fulfilment app. For the former, I would opt for a lead developer that can choose the platforms and make sure they can work together. I think getting a small team of 2-3 devs to work closely with merch/sales and content/marketing would save you money and lay a solid groundwork.

I can recommend Magento as a solid platform. There's plenty of features to use it standalone, and there are a lot of very good small agencies and a few solid hosting providers. You can even get away with using the free Magento if you get a good team behind it.

Need more details from you to get a better understanding of your needs but that should be a good start.

Answered 5 years ago

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