I have passion for words. I love writing and I believe I'm here to write novels. I'm working on my first novel -- I also have a 9 to 5 job but it's not exciting and doesn't pay well like the rest of entry-level jobs. (I'm a fresh grad) Lately, I've been thinking about running a side project that enables me to make $1000/month. I value entrepreneurship but I don't have enough experience to draw my own idea and have a solid business plan to generate monthly revenue. All I know is this: writing is my strongest asset. Any idea/help?

Loving something and being passionate about it, doesn't always mean you are good at it. Fictional writing and professional commercial writing are two separate things. If you are a good writer, there are opportunities for freelance writing gigs (copywriting, technical writing, catalog work, long form, short form, blurb, sales, etc.). It is a competitive space, but a good online portfolio with writing samples and consistent perseverance can lead to more work. If you don't have any commercial experience or samples, proof-reading jobs are a good place start.

Answered 5 years ago

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