I'm in a unique position to be first to market for a new women's business, launched in November. Press efforts are paying off with some great recent write ups and more to come. Social media has been slower, but growing as I've started collaborating with bloggers. The most immediate and significant sales come from the press, but these live only as long as you're on the front page of a major website. How do I use this traction towards my inbound marketing? I'd like to develop a strategy but my first dilemma is that women are not necessarily looking for my product. They are converting, asking questions, and then telling friends once they purchase it. I'm considering affiliate marketing but I'm unsure if this is the right approach.


first, it's a pitty that we don't know much about the product you offer or the exact target audience (country? city? age? interests? family status?), or your goals (what kind of sales? how many? what's the acceptable cost per acquisition?), as it makes any advice less relevant.

From the general point of view, I would base the strategy on the short term goals and long-term goals, and would develop the activities accordingly.

There are many different channels that can be tested, but the first questions must be asked before getting into them: 1) target audience 2) they're biggest problems and dreams 3) where do they spend time 4) what are your goals 5) what is the budget.

If press is working fine, continue that, just find a way to convert that exposure better - if people come to your website, do you have any lead magnets to offer in order to get their email addresses? Do you have a set autoresponder campaign? Do you use remarketing on Facebook or Adwords to bring those visitors back?

Content creation is a major driver of organic traffic, but again, it would depend on the product and the competition. You mentiond your customers are asking questions, so you probably have a lot of space to create educational/informational content on your site that would drive organic traffic and could also be used for paid campaigns - promoting them on social networks with ads.

Search Engine Marketing, Adwords & BIng, could also be an option, depending on the competition and your budget - some keywords are much more expensive than the others, but you might find ways to bid on very specific long-tail keywords that convert very well on the site at a reasonable price.

To sum up - it's really, really difficult to tell without knowing more details. The above mentioned things are some of the activities that can be taken. I'd focus primarily on setting the sales funnel in such way that you'd be generating emails first and converting them into sales next.

I'd be more than happy to have a chat with you, in order to learn more about the business, so that we can come up with the best strategy for the promotion. Let me know!

Adomas Baltagalvis

Answered 5 years ago

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