I'm in a unique position to be first to market for a new women's business, launched in November. Press efforts are paying off with some great recent write ups and more to come. Social media has been slower, but growing as I've started collaborating with bloggers. The most immediate and significant sales come from the press, but these live only as long as you're on the front page of a major website. How do I use this traction towards my inbound marketing? I'd like to develop a strategy but my first dilemma is that women are not necessarily looking for my product. They are converting, asking questions, and then telling friends once they purchase it. I'm considering affiliate marketing but I'm unsure if this is the right approach.

Hi !

If you plan on leveraging inbound marketing, I would proceed like that :

- Review all the questions and messages you already got from the women you mention and list the way they express a) their PAIN POINTS (in their own words) b) their interests in your products

- At this stage, you should really focus on getting their emails. They're not ready today... but in 3 weeks, 2 months or 6 months, you should convert part of this traffic.

- To get the emails and start nurturing your leads, you need to implement a system. For example, when you collaborate with press and bloggers, make sure that the links you get point to specific Landing Pages which use the words you've previously listed. Don't them send them to your homepage. Instead, create as many landing pages as necessary, depending on your offers/products, and clearly state the benefits they will get by giving you your email. Add a lead magnet if it's not enough.

- Invest in Facebook ads by creating targeted custom audiences (eg people who visited your website through a tracking pixel, or your existing list of subscribers). Then again, drive each campaign traffic to a specific landing page or offer.

- Do you have a business blog already? If not, start one and answer the questions you've been asked. I would say 90% value, 10% promotion. Add some sign-in areas after your post, in a pop-up or in a sidebar (to be A/B tested)

- Try to blog at least weekly and send a newsletter to foster the interest.

Rinse and repeat...

Don't forget to implement an autoresponder with a series of email that will help the woman who signed up and, after a while, make them an offer.

I would love to be more specific, but more details are needed ! (type of products or services, buyer persona, marketing budget, human resources to produce content and manage campaign, etc.)

Good luck, I'm sure you'll enjoy the process :)

Answered 5 years ago

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