Growing coworking operator in Brazil, helping them raise money in the US to expand operations in brazil and here. What's the best way to approach this

I'm a big advocate of business development partnerships in situations like this. There's "fundraising" from a capital perspective, and then there's growing a business through revenue or partnerships. Maybe there are good ways to think about your client from that perspective? Perhaps there are reasons that US investors or partners want to get involved with a Brazilian company? Maybe there is value that can be transacted across that channel that could lead to enhanced revenue to be specifically allocated to US expansion?

With the proliferation of coworking I think it's all about the story of how yours is different from not just the user/buyer perspective, but from enhanced sources of revenue. Is it really just a Real Estate play or is there something for the investor to chew on that gives this a distinction from other options in the space, who are also seeking expansion capital.

Happy to discuss with you on a call. :)

Answered 6 years ago

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