I'm looking to rebranding and thus considering selling my widely used and promoted domain Unthink.Me this is I think a versatile domain name and would like ensure optimal bids. Any suggestions on how to do this?

I agree with Joseph. You probably have "Google juice" you don't want to lose. You should look at your analytics and see what the top URLs are for your existing referrals and inbound links and then set 301s for those on your new domain. I just had a client do this with thousands of links. The old domain then stays in the portfolio for awhile. After all the 301s have taken effect it could be worth selling at that point. If you also have collateral assets such as branding, design guides, logos, social handles, etc. you can package those up. I've seen packages do better than just domains because you can pitch the entire marketing wrap to the buyer. I sold one of mine for several thousand dollars for a very generic domain. However, I will warn you that you need to use reputable services because I had a client who did this on his own once and it turned out that they were scammers. You have to be careful because it's still your old brand and people will track you down thinking you scammed them. He dealt with that for months and ultimately had to remove his own company from his LinkedIn. It was a mess.

Answered 5 years ago

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