A solution might be to hire experienced and senior salespeople who are having a tough time finding a job. Needless to say, these people should be skilled and masters at what they do. I would like to leverage their sales experience. At the same time, I cannot afford to hire somebody since I cannot afford the base salary. Where and how can I find such experienced people willing to work for me?

What do you mean you can't afford a base salary? What has a higher priority in your spend plan than bringing in revenue? If you don't have enough to cover a base salary you are probably not ready to launch your company. In many cases the founders will do the sales themselves. In some cases offering sales people equity might work. But, few will work without a base.

Here's a tip I did with two startups. For the first five deals, do them at cost. This is essentially buying the business. BUT, they need to know that you are severely discounting the price and in return you must get from them an agreement to be a reference for you (assuming, of course, that everything works out).

In the beginning, breaking even is a good thing. And, doing that while building a cadre of reference accounts is even better.


Answered 6 years ago

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