A solution might be to hire experienced and senior salespeople who are having a tough time finding a job. Needless to say, these people should be skilled and masters at what they do. I would like to leverage their sales experience. At the same time, I cannot afford to hire somebody since I cannot afford the base salary. Where and how can I find such experienced people willing to work for me?

There is a sad reality to answering this question, but you're going to have to do the work yourself. Reason being, you're going to need money (capital) to hire and pay a sales team. This is one of those questions that the phrase "sales fixes all." Meaning, you're going to have to start selling yourself. Once you start making enough money to hire one sales person, you and that sales person can start selling enough revenue to hire another, at that point you can stop selling and have your 2 sales people sell on their own.

The short answer is: you're going to have to start selling on your own.

There is another way to do it, but u don't recommend it because of the high turnover and very shitty results: 100% commission based sales team. You could try to hire 3 or 4 commission based sales people, but they probably won't be any good. If they have any sales experience they'll know they should be making at least a small base salary.

Pick up the phone and start selling on your own. Once you have enough revenue coming in the door you can easily hire a sales team.

Answered 5 years ago

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