I struggle with anxiety and trying to impress people. I feel I must prove that I can do the job. If the job is away from home and my comfort zone I struggle with managing the lifestyle. Do you have any guidance as to how to overcome this?

You're definitely not alone with this feeling and it's very common amoung millennials because we were taught to figure everything out ourselves with the Internet- what we didn't know we were expected to look up. Admitting we truly didn't have the skill associated with the job would conjure up feelings of humiliation which would lead to the compulsive behavior to then just say-- yeah I can do that. It's my opinion that you're not trying to impress initially as so much as you're trying to not be caught in a vulnerable situation. I would recommend writing down all of your skills separate from your traits-- traits are the characteristics of yourself such as dependable, honest, persistent, loyal-- skills are how you can help them accomplish their goals - transferable skills are those you have accumulated throughout your career. - when someone asks you a skills based question like -- describe your normal methods of assigning work to your subordinates and you answer with "well I'm a very fair person and I wouldn't want their to animosity between the employees so I would make sure it's spread equally" - it's a honest answer but it's a skill question answered by subjective traits. - does that make sense? I think understanding skills/traits will calm your anxiety down and get you pumped for your next interview! :)

Answered 5 years ago

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