Though I am a sole proprietor, I have a team of colleagues that I call upon often and who energize my vision. I think this is key.

First you have to determine what "like-minded" is. To help, I want to ask you some questions.

Do you want folks who regard your business just like you do? If that is what like-mindedness looks to you, you'll have to introduce your business in a way that each individual can take ownership. The difficulty for most founders of businesses, I being one, is not micromanaging the situation but allowing them latitude, trusting that they are equally invested. That can be scary.

Or do you want folks who are mini-representations of you? They have the same strengths, temperaments, personality as you. If this is the "like-mindedness" you are pursuing then I would caution you. The strength of the team is the harmony of their unique contributions to the whole. This adds depth and breadth to your vision. No two people sound exactly alike, yet their tones blend well. It'll be your responsibility as the leader to foster collaboration versus competition. It won't be easy. But oh, it will be worth it.

I would love to assist you in getting more clear in figuring out what team would best serve your vision and mission. Contact me.

Answered 5 years ago

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