We're a small, technical, professional services firm. Over the years we've experimented with email marketing -- both to existing customers and prospects -- with decent results. However, as with all small business marketing efforts, since we don't have a staffer dedicated to marketing, after some weeks or months of giving it the Old College Try, the person in charge gets busy with other stuff (usually implementing technical projects or pursuing prospects, maybe as a result of the email marketing efforts), and the campaign goes dark until sales slow again. Our challenges to outsourcing content generation have been: 1. The author needs to understand the business audience and the technical subject matter 2. The owner of our firm is a former professional author and is thus extraordinarily picky about content aesthetics like voice, tone, syntax, etc. but he doesn't have time to micromanage every content posting (ok, ok, it's me) Do you have suggestions about where we can find a cost-effective author, and how to manage this person, and the campaigns, to minimize my involvement and visceral need to rewrite every piece?!? Thanks!

One option is to create drip campaigns that can run automatically after creation. That way you've got content being fed to your audience on a schedule (X days from sign-up), and your overhead is much lower in terms of generating new content.

When you have something meaningful to say, you can send it out to the list ad hoc, but you're not on the hook to regularly generate new broadcasts.

I have a lot of experience setting up email marketing automation, as well as a strong technical background (I recently sold my marketing agency to take a full-time contract building custom web and native apps). On top of that, I'm also an experienced technical and non-technical writer (3 books and hundreds of articles under my belt).

If you're interested, I'd be happy to discuss some of your options for creating newsletter content that will continue working for you, rather than spending lots of time each week for single-purpose content. Drop me a line and we'll chat.

Good luck!

Answered 5 years ago

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