We are a bootstrapped startup and need someone to make calls to our targeted lists and set up free consults. What commission plans work for this "pre-sales" process? The owners will handle the free consult and close the sales.

Option #1 (recommended): Use and skip hiring someone.

Option #2: Hire an SDR (right out of college, ex-athlete): and pay them an hourly rate as a consultant (3 month trial period). Pay them upon deals closing (commission % - the % will depend on your margins and the the On-Target Earnings you'd like them to make) and then give them bonuses in the form of prizes (i.e. a trip to Vegas for hitting their quota -- # of calls, # of meetings/# of opportunities created, # of deals closed that they sourced). Bonuses in the form of physical Gifts, especially at the SDR level, have been proven to drive employee happiness over $.

If you have additional questions, happy to get on a call.

Answered 6 years ago

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