Dissolving an App Company - How do we deal with the intellectual property of the apps that still exist?

I am ready to dissolve an app company I am a partner of. Revenue from this business has basically died and I don't really want to invest more into this company. We are looking at closing it - but I am unsure what do do about the intellectual property of the apps, which still have value even if they hardly make much in monthly revenue - especially in terms of active users and investment into the apps. I personally would be happy to walk away with some ownership over some of the apps but it doesn't seem like my partners want to give up any of it because "they would feel bad" if i made it big off of one the apps - whats the set way to approach this?


I can guide how sell all , and share with you my the sites i use and even connect you with some investor who buy from me app and maybe intersting in yours.

Answered 7 years ago

Understand the sunk costs and move forward understanding your founders also have opportunity cost of further investment, time and energy. Some options: Try to sell the IP if possible to a competitor or third party/investor, or customers. Donate the IP to charity organizations that can benefit. Pivot: use / leverage the IP into a new product/category/industry.

Answered 7 years ago

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