The Systems Mindset comes from Sam Carpenter's book. He talks about looking at your life from an elevated perspective and fixing each individual system so you can make your primary system work well. The systems in my life would be education, relationship, health and fitness. Does anyone understand how this applies to making my personal life better?

Everything has a root cause. Let me run you through a personal example.

I live with my girlfriend and we used to have problems with not having dishes. Instead of looking at the symptom (no dishes) I decided to look at the system (the dishwashing cycle in our apartment).

Dishes start in the cupboard, are taken out as needed during the day, go to the sink, are cleared to the dishwasher, are cleaned, and then are returned to the cupboard.

In our case, the problem was in dishes not returning to the sink or piling up in the sink. The fix was to make sure dishes are in the dishwasher at the end of the day - this was the "SOP" I added to our life as a result of this problem.

The result? No more dish problems.

Answered 5 years ago

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