I have no clue what I want to do! I know more importantly than getting a job right now I need to focus on building my skills and knowledge. I've decided not to attend college mostly because I don't want to go into debt. I have had several ideas such as: Private labeling health products, creating an information product/LMS, niche website creation and even a forum for people with chronic illnesses. Unfortunately I haven't found my true passion and even worse I haven't even made a dollar. My efforts haven't been the best but I guess I never did believe in any one of my ideas. Does anybody have any advice for me going forward? What things do I need to focus on over the next year? Money is not the most important thing to me right now but instead actually meeting other entrepreneurs and like minded people is my goal. Since im not going to college I need to provide that atmosphere for myself. Im open to any advice! Thanks for the help

Education & Investment.

Try a lot of different activities, since you haven't nailed down your passion, yet. By the way, I have articles here about identifying your passion:


Secondly, Invest. Start saving now and leverage compound interest. I wish I had saved more when I was younger, but, at the time, "Retirement" was so far off, I didn't care.

I'm still far off from retirement, but I wish I had gotten that head start. Time is a resource you cannot buy, especially in the world of compound interest.

Answered 6 years ago

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