I am 16 years old. I have $1000 to work with. I have the best credentials a 16 year old could have, with a 4.25 GPA, and being an Eagle Scout, and have learned to speak proficiently in Spanish. I have earned my money up to this point with yard work ( a mix of skilled and unskilled labor). Some potential ideas I've had: Vending machines/gumball machines. Lawn care service (Hiring other teenagers to do yard work, and make a small profit off setting up the arrangement) I live in the suburbs about 45 minutes from Atlanta, to somewhat gauge the population of potential clients. I would like something that would be more of a constant, rather than occasional customers or chance. Potentially selling a good or a service to a company? Any help would be appreciated.

Congratulations on the credentials you've earned to date and I admire your ambition. I started my first company at 13 and was hired by Apple (in part because I had started my company first) by 15.

Especially in today's economy, I would suggest that you seriously explore learning to program. There are excellent online programming courses offered by a number of reputable vendors.

However, if that seems too daunting, you might look at other IT related services. For example, offering local IT support services (targeting senior citizens) helping fix things that you might already know how to do.

Best of luck in your ventures and happy to help if I can.

Answered 8 years ago

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