I'm in the process of creating a workshop business which also offers therapy and coaching services. I am debating whether to brand it under my name ( or under a separate brand name (or both?). I've seen people offer similar services using both models and wanted some feedback on what is the best direction to take and why?

If you are going to lead the workshops:

Start with personal branding. Workshops and coaching are by experts and I'd recommend building a personal brand first. People should build trust in you. Then your offerings.

Each offering that you have - a workshop, a coaching program etc. - should have it's own branding. You may even have separate websites for each of your offerings.

If you are only organizing the business and not going to lead the programs yourself: then you got to do a corporate branding. So people relate to the organization more than individuals delivering the programs.

The coaching / self help / personal development / health industry is full of examples of both branding strategies. If you study a few cases, and their business models, you will gain better insights on why they chose their branding strategy. And you can even question if the strategy worked or not.

I hope this gives additional perspective to what you are thinking.

Feel free to contact me if you want to discuss this further.

Answered 7 years ago

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