I've spent the last 2 years at home watching my son grow up and it's amazing. I've started a new company in the last 6 months and it's taking off, which is great, but I am nervous about the time commitment it's going to take for the next few years. Any advice on how to balance not missing my kids grow up with giving enough time to my new business?

Well, your new business is also your "child". Unfortunately, there is no magic solution to this. Your flesh and blood child will have to take a back seat to your business "child" if your business is going to be successful. You have to tell your flesh and blood child that you have to "work". The kid will understand. Just make sure you schedule time to do things with your child on your day/days off. If something REALLY important comes up with work , just say " I'm sorry, I have to work , but we will do _______ ( whatever) tomorrow . ( or whenever you have time ). You have to rationalize, do you want to build a business and build security and income for your child by spending time on the business " child", or risk business failure and financial ruin by focusing on the flesh and blood child and allowing the business "child" to be second. Everything is a trade off . Spend high quality time with your flesh and blood child, and when they are more mature they will appreciate that you worked so hard to give them a good life.

Answered 5 years ago

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