My firm has lost tens of thousands of dollars over the years on sales and marketing initiatives that didn't generate ROI. I'm finally ready to just hire a lead-gen coach to help me create a marketing and lead-gen strategy and implement it through weekly one-on-one calls for a long-term engagement. I prefer someone who's familiar with our industry: we work with small- and medium-sized businesses in San Francisco, especially venture-backed startups, implementing and supporting their I.T. infrastructure. How do I find such a coach?

Why a coach? You'll probably have an easier time finding a hire or someone outside to help. There's no shame in bringing on skills in another person instead of building them in yourself.

If a venture backed startup founder told you that they've lost tens of thousands in revenue from server downtime, would you recommend that they hire a coach and learn it themselves?

It would likely be cheaper, faster and more effective to get an outside IT service provider, and at some point it would make sense to build a team internally.

Maintaining a competitive skill set is tough enough in one discipline. There is a big opportunity cost to trying to chase two.

Answered 5 years ago

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