I'm building a new startup (have had success before) and love it, but we are a remote team so I can work from anywhere. The problem is that my routine is fairly robotic and a bit boring. I can work from/live anywhere in the world, etc. Just after some advice/suggestions to make things more fun/interesting?

It’s easy to get bored when we feel stuck in a routine, same old habits, going about our lives on autopilot. To break out of that routine, we don’t always have to take huge leaps. One small step can be enough, doing one little thing a bit differently. Try taking a different route to work, going to a different coffee shop, trying something new on the menu. Or why not join a meetup group, try African drumming, go on a camping trip, or go along to a meditation session? Personally, I’m doing one new challenge a month!

At the macro level, travel is absolutely a way to mix things up. Initially when I quit my full-time job, I got big contracts and then travelled in between. Now, I’m experimenting with working and travelling at the same time, spending a month in each place - currently in San Francisco, next month in Honolulu… I’m going to want to have a base with a bit more stability soon but in the meantime I’m enjoying myself, while making progress on all three of my businesses!

Answered 5 years ago

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