I'm building a new startup (have had success before) and love it, but we are a remote team so I can work from anywhere. The problem is that my routine is fairly robotic and a bit boring. I can work from/live anywhere in the world, etc. Just after some advice/suggestions to make things more fun/interesting?

Sounds like after the thrill of a new venture (building a new startup), life returns to the normal day-to-day. I totally get it. There is nothing like the rush that comes with forging new territory. It's exciting. Like a roller coaster ride, it has thrills and chills.

There is a saying, "Where ever you are, there you will be." So no matter where you move, you will be taking yourself with you. In what ways are you not challenging yourself to grow beyond building new startups? Is there a way you can delegate some of the more routine tasks to someone on your team who enjoys predictability?

I, like many, can be a creature of habit. I can work from my home-based business all day long and not go outside my front door; but at the end of the day, I've missed the beautiful fall weather, the sun on my face and the energy I draw from it.

Find out what is your energy source and integrate it into the way you do your work. For me, it is getting dressed and going outside my normal place of work. For others, it's streaming in new music or setting up their laptop at Starbucks. Find your energizer and plug in!

To keep you accountable to doing just that, contact me for a free consultation. I'd love to help you in moving forward.

Answered 5 years ago

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